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Alice Saito


I was born in London and grew up in Japan. My parents are Japanese and Austrian, so I am of mix heritage.

I studied environmental economy in Tokyo, worked during that time as professional fashion model with over 40 magazines and became well known in the fashion industry.

I finished Masters of Fashion Journalism in London in 2014. Along this, I started this blog visiting and reviewing various wonderful cafés all over Europe.

Now I work as an model and a writer based in Tokyo.

Advertisement:SkyTree Tokyo Solamachi ,ORP Tokyo, MUJI TV commercial, KARIMERA Water TV commercial, McDonald’s, CIBA Vision contact lens, glamb by dress dullet
Magazine:MORE, anan, zxy, ar, BAILA,non-no, BITEKI, MAQUIA, VoCE, LANDONE, Domani, MISS Wedding…etc


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  1. 飲み過ぎに注意して体に気をつけてくださいね😋
    応援しています❗️ 頑張ってくださいね😆



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